Ample Electronic Technology held a pre-listing performance presentation on 19

Ample Electronic Technology held a pre-listing performance presentation on 19

A new cannon has moved into the arsenal as ample Electronic Technology announced their decision about holding a pre-listing performance presentation. The company will be official listed in TPEx by the end of March. Last year, ample’s gross margin spiked more than 3% because its products were validated by domestic and foreign passive element giants and went into bulk production. The surge in gross margin also brought an increase of profits in the first 3Qs last year. It seems that the company is faring well and steady. 

Ample Electronic Technology was founded in June 2007. The company’s main business is the R&D, manufacturing, and selling of customized conductive pastes such as silver paste, silver palladium paste, and copper paste. Currently, their conductive pastes are used as the key material in passive elements ranging from capacitors, resistors, to inductors. ample’s clientele comprises of major domestic and foreign passive element plants.

Last year witnessed a whirlwind spike in the passive element industry, and ample jumped on the bandwagon, turning a financial report whose annual revenue for 2017 caps at 613 million NTD, with a gross margin of 19.50% and EPS of 1.58 NTD. Though the company’s revenue for the first 3Qs of 2018 sits only at 546 million NTD, lagging behind the dazzling 613 million NTD for 2017, the gross margin surges to 22.92%, which translates to a 3.42% growth, resulting in the company’s EPS for the first 3Qs climbing to 1.65 NTD, winning by a landslide compared to 2017.  

Ample has been diving into the R&D of conductive pastes used in passive elements since 2007. The conductive pastes manufacturer developed all its technologies and can adjust product formula upon request. Besides this, ample is also capable of simulating their customers’ manufacturing processes and testing equipment to fine-tune manufacturing process parameters or formula to increase production yield rate. This is one of the many reasons behind ample’s gross margin spike.    

Zeng, Cong-Yi, chairperson of ample, said that the R&D of conductive pastes, a high technology electric functional material, requires longtime devotion and experience. Some Taiwan plants only focus on the manufacturing processes and bulk production capacity and invest a little in the R&D of the material. ample’s R&D took great pains to roll out new conductive pastes, and their results were validated by domestic and foreign passive element giants. Now ample’s products are sold in Greater China, Southeast Asia, and Northeast Asia and gain popularity for their quality. 

Talking about the company’s future, Zeng, Cong-Yi stressed that apart from consolidating its core product of conductive pastes used in passive elements, it will continue to develop more products that can be applied to different areas such as touch screens, IC packaging, and solar cell. The chairperson is looking forward to these new applications' ability to bring more revenue to the company. 


Source: The China Times


Ample Electronic Technology was established in June 2007. Armed with an exceptional management team and advanced production technologies, ample now manufactures high-quality thick-film conductive materials and focuses on their production and selling. ample never stops experimenting with new technologies and improving its manufacturing processes. ample also keeps fostering more reasonable management strategies to strive in a technology industry that is fast-changing and competitive.