Strong pulling ins gave ample gradual boost in the first half year

Strong pulling ins gave ample gradual boost in the first half year

Conductive pastes manufacturer ample (4760-TW) benefited from robust inventory replenishments from its clients and was scaling the heights this February for the third consecutive month. ample pointed out that as all clients were eager to build up inventory, they have started pulling in more products since the beginning of March. Judging from the performance in April, ample has every reason to believe that Q2 will outperform Q1. 

Benefited from strong inventory replenishments of passive elements plus the improvement of workforce shortage for major industry players, ample’s revenue in February scaled the heights for the third consecutive month. According to ample, their clients worried about their supply in the future and have started pulling in more products since the beginning of March to build up inventory.

Judging from clients’ demands, ample sees a flying April. Currently, the company now boasts two-month order visibility; hence a better Q2 is expected.  

Ample’s conductive pastes are not only used in passive elements but also in solar panels, touch screens, IC & LED packaging, conductive silver paste for FPCB membrane switches, and so on. However, the applications in passive elements take the lion’s share, accounting for over 90% of the company’s annual revenue last year. As for conductive silver paste for solar back panels, ample notices stronger pulling ins from its Taiwan clients and is now actively developing the Southeast Asian market, hoping to reach 1% revenue from the solar power sector this year.  

Talking about their new product, the conductive paste for dielectric filters in 5G base stations, ample said that the validation period on the client-side is much longer and the product may be shipped by the end of this year if everything goes smoothly. ample also said that they might consider manufacturing the product in China if they see a steady stream of orders.  


Source: Anue


Ample Electronic Technology was established in June 2007. Armed with an exceptional management team and advanced production technologies, ample now manufactures high-quality thick-film conductive materials and focuses on their production and selling. ample never stops experimenting with new technologies and improving its manufacturing processes. ample also keeps fostering more reasonable management strategies to strive in a technology industry that is fast-changing and competitive.