Ag rear paste for Photovoltaic Cell

Key Advantages

  • Good adhesion

  • Good contact with Aluminum Paste

  • Firing Temperature range: Actual peak temperature 765~795 °C

Basic Parameters

Basic Parameters (AP2301RE)
Solid content @Temperature 800±20℃ ,@air 52±2%
(Brookfield Viscometer HBT-DV3
+ spindle/chamber SC4-14/6R @25℃±2℃*1
FOG Fineness (QXD-50 scraper fineness meter) 1St Scratch ≤17.0µm
Square resistance
measured by 4 1/2  digital multi-meter
(After 850℃ Sintering)
≤10 mΩ/□(25μm)
Appearance After sintering visual observation, white, smooth
Screen printing 250-325 mesh stainless steel screen, no mesh clogging
Peel Strength 360±20℃, solder with lead-contained tin coated copper solder strip, 180°peel off >2.5N
REMARK *1: Viscosity Program=Ample. RCP, Data Measured with 10rpm, 1rpm/50rpm For Reference @ COA..

Recommended Process

  • Stirring:

Please stir the silver paste fully before use (electric mixer 8~12h/Kg).

  • Printing Screen:

250~325mesh stainless steel screen Recommended consumption:


  • Drying:

Rotary oven,120-140℃,5-8min Belt furnace, 240/240/260/260℃,30-50sec.

  • Firing :

Actual peak temperature: 765℃~795 ℃ Sintering curves.

This data is for reference only and is not a guarantee.


  • Condition :360±20℃ solder with lead-contained tin coated copper solder strip, coverage rate ≥90%.
  • Width:2.0mm & 1.2mm,Thickness :0.15mm.

  • Tester Method:180° Peeling.

  • Peeling off Result :≥2.5N.

Storage precautions

Store in a dry, clean, well-ventilated and shady place at temperature between 5 to 30 ℃. Shelf Life: 6 months. Keep away from sparks, heat and flame.

Safety protection

Always wear the overalls, gloves and air filtering face mask when using the product. Do not have direct contact with the skin. In the case of skin contact, wash with water and soap. In case of eye contact, wash down with clean water until you have no stimulating feeling. In severe cases, please immediately ask doctors for help. Extinguishing measures: Use sand, dry powder or carbon dioxide.


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