High-temp. termination Cu paste


High-temperature sintered copper paste combined with high-temperature ceramic co-fired chip(components), applied to multi-layers ceramic capacitors (MLCC) and other components, specially designed for high-temperature process(high-temperature sintering process)

By formula designed to enhance the heat resistance of copper and ……, moreover via combination of glass powder formula to heighten the overall acid resistance of copper paste,  anti-nickel permeability, better reliability and so on.


  • Low nickel permeability risk

  • Excellent Dipping Flatness & Lower Dipping loss

  • Greater effect on Thermal Cycle Resistance(-55℃~155℃ 50 times: No Crack)

  • No vertical cracking issue




The following applications and models are to different formula and designs; customization available.

Produce Name
Inorganic (%)
Metal (%)
(Pa*s/10 rpm)
Ceramic type
PC65751 5 72% 45~65 NPO 01005 Miniature
PC6199 7 72% 55~75 X7R/NPO 0201 Small Size
PC6088 7 72% 40~60 X7R/NPO 0402~0805 Normal Size
PC6100 6 74% 30~50 X7R/NPO 1206~1812 Big Size



  • Lead-free zinc oxide glass powder diffusion control technology: reduce damages done to ceramic structure that might cause cracking 

  • Glass powder modification technique that can enhance the acid tolerance of copper paste: reduce infiltration of nickel caused by acid corrosion during electroplating



Store in a cool(temperature below than 25℃ is recommended), dry and well-ventilated area.


  • Keep containers tightly sealed.

  • Keep away from heat and direct sunlight.

  • Ensure good ventilation / exhaustion at the workplace.

  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

  • Keep ignition sources away – Do not smoke.

  • Flammable mixtures may be formed in empty containers.


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