Low-temp. termination Ag Epoxy paste


LT7000、EP9130 and JC6TY are thermosetting epoxy resin and the composition with conductive particles, applied to the conductive component to provide the better anti-bending.

We develop the conductive paste with risen to provide the better stress buffering ability in ceramic chip, also reduce the destruction caused by bending. The conductive paste with risen which still can have the good electroplatability.


  • Excellent electrical conductivity on the low temperature Curing process.

  • High stability adhesion on the surface of electroplated Nickel layer.

  • Suitable to preserve on normal temperature, offer good storage condition and pot life cycle.

  • Excellent dipping silver flatness, reduce the difference of height on process.


The following applications and models are to different formula and designs; customization available

Items LT7000 EP9130 JC6TY series
Solid Content (180ºC / 60min) 74 ± 3% 72 ± 3% 79 ± 3%
Viscosity (10rpm) 28 ± 5 Pa.s 50 ± 10 Pa.s 18 ± 10 Pa.s
Thixotropic Index (1rpm / 10rpm) 3.0 2.0 4.0
Volume Resistivity < 0.0005 Ω • cm < 0.0005 Ω • cm < 0.0005 Ω • cm
Drying and curing condition / Air
Drying@120ºC / 40min,then
curing@180ºC / 90min
Drying@120ºC / 40min,then
curing@180ºC / 90min
Drying@120ºC / 40min,then
curing@200ºC / 60min
Application Fied Inductor Capcitor Capcitor
Process Method Dipping Dipping Dipping
  • Solid Content @ Temperature 850±20℃ on Air.
  • Viscosity : Brookfield HBT-DVIII SC4-14/6R @25℃±1℃.

Bending Resistance: 

IEC 60068-2-21 : Speed < 0.5mm/sec ,Stop on 10 sec,△R25/R25 ≤5%

Material characteristics Specification
JC6TY series
Bending standard (≧5mm) <10% capacitance value variation ≧10mm
5mm-60s  (AEC-Q200) No crack Pass


Material characteristics Specification
Bending standard (≧5mm) <10% capacitance value variation ≧10mm



Test condition JC6TY series
Dipped in 290°C solder bath for the duration of 10 seconds
(chip size: 2220)
No crack
Dipped in 310°C solder bath for the duration of 10 seconds
(chip size: 1206)
No crack


Reliability test: 

Item Test condition JC6TY series
Steam Aging MIL-STD-202 Method 210:placed in a hot steam chamber for 168 hours; Solderability--Dipped in 235°C solder bath for the duration of 2 seconds; Leaching--Dipped in 260°C solder bath for the duration of 30 seconds. No crack
Moisture sensitivity level(MSL 1) placed in a humidity chamber at 85ºC/ 85%RH for 168 hours;Within15 minutes to maximum 4 hours after the moisture soak, capacitors subjected to 3x reflow. No crack


Storage and Shelf Life


Please store at 0~10 ℃ to prevent partial cure. Shelf life of LT7000 in unopened package is a minimum of 6 months at 10 ℃. 

To homogenize the paste, jar rolling for at least 4 hours is recommended.


Please store at -15~-25℃ to prevent partial cure. Shelf life of JC6TY series in unopened package is a minimum of 4 months at -15~-25℃.  

To homogenize the paste, jar rolling for at least 4 hours is recommended, and then add the planetary centrifugal mixer for mixing and deaeration, and the running time is at least 300 seconds.

Safety and Handling


  • Keep from heat, sparks and flame. Provide adequate ventilation.

  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing.

  • Keep container closed and stores in a ventilated area.

  • Refer to MSDS for more details.


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