Low Temp., High Thermal Conductivity Die Attach Paste


1.high power semiconductor.
2. Applicable to stencil printing.
Ex: IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)

Product advantages

1.High thermal conductivity: >100 W/ mK
2.Sintered silver paste does not produce IMC (IMC, Intermetallic Compound), which improve the life cycle of high power semiconductor.
3.High Adhesion: Enhanced semiconductor and leadframe reliability(Ag or Au).
4.Pressureless and low temperature : It can be sintered at 230°C to reduce chip damage and improve process yield.


Filler content 90±2%
30000±5000 Cps
Volume resistivity <1×E-5 ohm-cm
Mount strength
(0.5x0.5mm Si die on Ag leadframe)
>20 MPa(RT)
>10 MPa(260℃)
CTE(Alpha 1) 12 ppm/℃
Elastic modulus 10 GPa(RT)
Thermal Conductivity >100W/mK (121℃)



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