Power IC/LED High Thermal Conductivity Die Attach Silver Paste

Product advantage

  1. Excellent stability of operation, suitable for stamping and dispensing.
  2. High thermal conductivity, high electrical conductivity, and good high temperature adhesion.

Characteristic Table of Silver Paste

Characteristic Item unit AI-9000 series Test condition
Viscosity cps 13000 5rpm
T.I. - 5.0~7.0 0.5rpm/5rpm
Volume Resistance Ω·cm 2x10-5 4-point probe
Water Extracted Cl- ppm <30 Ionic Impurity measurement
Mount strength RT MPa >30
Si die L/F: Cu
260℃ >15
ppm/℃ 18/82 TMA
Modulus RT MPa 3.8 DTMA
Weight Loss 300℃ % <1 TGA
Moisture absorption % <1 85℃/85%/72hr
Thermal Conductivity W/mK 20 Hot Disk



*AI-9000 series has good appearance.



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