High-temp. termination Ag conductive paste


The conductive components which are related to high-temperature sintered silver paste combined with high-temperature ceramic co-sintered components  are MLCI、Visitor, NTC and MLCC…etc.. It can enhance the better anti-heat function and product stability on electrical components.  The product designed to provide the extensively and better stability of dipping process via the combination of binder and solvent.


  • Excellent dipping flatness.

  • Widely dipping size corresponding ability.

  • Superior adhesion performance exceeds the regular 20%.

  • Good high thermal ability on 300 degrees and reduce the risk of short circuit on application product.


       The following applications and models are to different formula and designs; customization available.

Product Name
Solid Content (%)
Silver Content (%)
(Pa*s/10 rpm)
Application Field
IP3689 64±2 53±2 80±20 MLCI
IP376x 70±2 63±2 80±20 MLCI
VP3600 72±2 70±2 60±20 Varistor
VP3860 72±2 70±2 80±20 NTC
VP3750 72±2 70±2 60±20 MLCC
♦Solid Content @ Temperature 850±20℃ on Air.
♦Viscosity : Brookfield HBT-DVIII SC4-14/6R @25℃±1℃.


Thrust Test @Chip Size :0805


Store in a cool(temperature below than 25℃ is recommended), dry and well-ventilated area.

Provide solvent resistant, sealed floor.

Prevent any penetration into the ground.

Store away from oxidizing agents

Protect from heat and direct sunlight


  • Keep containers tightly sealed.

  • Keep away from heat and direct sunlight

  • Ensure good ventilation / exhaustion at the workplace.

  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

  • Keep ignition sources away – Do not smoke.

  • Protect against electrostatic charges.

  • Flammable mixtures may be formed in empty containers


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