Ample’s performance in May soared to new heights for the sixth time

Ample’s performance in May soared to new heights for the sixth time

Renowned conductive pastes manufacturer ample Electronic Technology (4760-TW) announced its revenue for May at 104 million NTD on June 8. The company’s monthly and annual revenue increased by 3.96% and 121.78%, respectively thanks to the simultaneous growth of passive elements and conductive silver paste for solar back panels. The company’s revenue scaled the heights for six months in a row and reached the threshold of a hundred million NTD for three months. The company’s accumulated revenue for the first five months sits at 460 million NTD, translating to an annual increase of 93.31%.

Ample said that the steady growth of the demand for passive elements, the number of new clients, and the contribution of the company’s products has stimulate the overall shipment and as our clients’ uptime bounced back, we have already arranged a second shift to meet the soaring demand.  

It is ample’s belief that as the pandemic alleviates, the new post-pandemic lifestyle will expand the markets for cloud and AI products. ample also expects that the extensive establishment of 5G base stations will rapidly create new demand for 5G applications. As for the automobile industry, ample assumes that a bottoming-out that will boost the market for automotive electronics is just around the corner. Because 5G applications and automotive electronics are the two key drives behind passive elements and conductive pastes, if these predictions are correct, the global demand for these two products will grow for sure as the world economy booms.

Ample is famous for its highly customized products. As ample strives to maintain its output, it also makes forays into products for different applications. The company has seen its first shipment of conductive silver paste for solar back panels at the end of last year and as the number of clients continues to grow, so does the orders. This means the product is gradually entering bulk production, contributing steadily to the company’s overall revenue.


Source: Anue


Ample Electronic Technology was established in June 2007. Armed with an exceptional management team and advanced production technologies, ample now manufactures high-quality thick-film conductive materials and focuses on their production and selling. ample never stops experimenting with new technologies and improving its manufacturing processes. ample also keeps fostering more reasonable management strategies to strive in a technology industry that is fast-changing and competitive.